Alarabi Educational Services offering multiple services for Arab and foreign students who wish to continue their education outside their countries and Provides them important information about the Courses which Commensurate with their levels and help them in gaining admission from both universities and institutes to the study of language or academic study (Diploma certificates and Higher Diploma, Undergraduate Studies, Masters, PhD) in most majors and subjects.

students can select their choice of study subjects ranging from English studies that will enable them to excel in their understanding and communication with the countries culture as well as on a global level, towards deepening their knowledge into more specific industry related Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses, such as Accounting, Marketing, Commerce, Medicine, Engineering, IT and much more... at many of world Colleges, Universities and Education Institutions.


ASE Services

Services given to students by Alarabi Office:

- Country, university selection (Apply at any time of the year)
- Acceptance on offer response and enrollment
- Accommodation booking, payment of tuition / deposit fees
- English Language Programs


Alarabi provides free admissions in both Australia and New Zealand and does not require the student to pay any registration fees or other especially students who have scholarships from their countries or their government.